Ketamine is a powerful weapon against certain types of chronic pain. CRPS, RSD, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, lyme disease, and hyperalgesia from narcotic medications all respond well to ketamine infusions. At Boulder Mind Care, we are restoring functional, active lives, without pain, to many patients in the front range of Colorado, from Denver to Fort Collins, with this breakthrough therapy. Ketamine is a miracle for many chronic pain sufferers.


Ketamine Infusions Provide Effective Relief for Severe Chronic Headache

Medical research is revealing more and more applications for ketamine, the old drug being used in new ways. Just as with Treatment Resistant Depression, where ketamine provides relief in 80% of patients, it is also often successful at relieving intractable headache pain. Indeed, the term “Treatment-Resistant Headache” could be used for the millions of women and men suffering from chronic, severe migraine headaches. Many of these patients spend years trying to find relief using a variety of medications and adjunctive therapies, often in vain.

Ketamine provides significant pain relief among patients with refractory headaches, as per study findings presented  by Eric Schwenk MD, at the annual meeting of The American Society of Anesthesiologists, held October 21-25, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Schwenk, associate professor and director of orthopedic anesthesia at Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia, stated “We found that patients with these types of headaches who received infusions of ketamine experienced improved pain control during their infusions.” “The findings of this retrospective study are exciting as they point to a {breakthrough} for patients who have failed essentially all other options,” concluded Dr Schwenk.“

At Boulder Mind Care, we are achieving success using Ketamine infusions to provide relief for severe migraines, and other intractable types of head and facial pain. We are here to help you “Love your Life”, to no longer spend day after day, year after year, laying in bed at home in misery, unable to work, play, be a good parent or spouse, and generally enjoy life. Contact us today.