COVID-19 Precautions


Ketamine infusion therapy is an essential service. Our patients with severe depression and suicidality do not just suddenly get better because there is a pandemic. In fact, they are likely to suffer more in this uncertain and scary time. Indeed, overall more people are reporting symptoms of depression and anxiety than ever before, and the already increasing suicide rate is higher than ever. We will passionately continue to provide this essential service to our patients.

At Boulder Mind Care and Transcendent Ketamine of Colorado, our top priority is the health and safety of our patients. We will continue to follow universal precautions to prevent the spread of any infectious disease. In addition, to protect our patients, we have instituted additional precautions:

The main clinic doors will remain shut, and only patients with appointments and their accompanying support person will be allowed to access the clinic. All who enter the clinic will first be asked to fill out a screening questionnaire, and will have their temperature taken with our touchless thermometer.

All staff, visitors, and patients are asked to stay home if they have signs or risk factors for coronavirus (fever, cough, sore throat, contact with a known infected person, recent travel to a high risk area, etc).

We will continue to utilize rigorous cleaning procedures against harmful substances, whether it be COVID-19, Flu virus, germs, bacteria, mold, or any other contagious organism. All patient rooms are thoroughly sanitized between each infusion.

Our staff has been fully informed and trained about the modes of transmission and methods to control transmission in our clinics. Our clinical staff will wear gloves and masks when providing infusion services to all patients. We will maintain the 6 feet or greater social distancing guideline whenever feasible.

The morning of your infusion appointment, please fill out our Coronavirus screening survey online (found here) via your phone, tablet, or laptop. (And if you have someone accompanying you for your appointment, please have them fill out the form as well.)

When you arrive at the building, text us and wait in your car until we respond, and we will let you know when your treatment room is ready.  That way you can come straight to the treatment room, reducing your exposure to public spaces. There will be no patients, family members, friends, or caregivers in the waiting room or other common areas during treatments.

We will provide hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap, and require all patients and their support to wash their hands prior to entering any treatment room. Everyone entering the clinic will be required to wear a mask.

All cell phones and tablets brought into the clinic will be wiped down with a medical grade hard surface disinfectant and cleaner.

Blankets, pillows, eye shades, and headphones are no longer provided for patient use. Instead, we invite you to bring your own headphones, eye shades, pillow and freshly cleaned blanket from home.

If you have any questions about our Coronavirus precautions let us know.